Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cancer Doesn't scare us anymore.....thanks to hallelujah diet

The Hallelujah diet is the NUTRITION portion of an overall healthy LIFESTYLE. Once you understand The Hallelujah Diet, you will find that it is very simple to prepare and follow the ratio of 85% raw and 15% cooked food each day.The 85% Portion of Hallelujah Diet

This is the Hallelujah portion of The Hallelujah Diet! An abundance of God's natural foods that are uncooked (raw) and unprocessed. The dense living nutrients found in raw foods and their juices are the things that meet and satisfy your cells nutritional needs. When you eat these living foods, you will find that you no longer have to deal with hunger pangs or cravings.

Live foods are also what produce abundant energy and vibrant health. The following are items from each food category that fit into the 85% portion of each day's food intake:

Freshly extracted vegetable juices, Barley Max, Carrot Juice Max, Beet Max, and distilled water with WaterMax added.

Dairy Alternatives
Fresh almond milk, creamy banana milk, as well as frozen banana, strawberry or blueberry "fruit creams"

All fresh, as well as unsulphured, organic dried fruit. Limit consumption to no more than 15% of daily food intake. (Fruit juice is included in this 15%, and is not recommended in large quantities.)

Soaked oats, millet, raw muesli, dehydrated granola, dehydrated crackers, and raw ground flax seed

Raw green beans, raw peas, sprouted garbanzo beans, sprouted lentils, and sprouted mung beans

Nuts and Seeds
Raw almonds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, raw almond butter or tahini. Eat sparingly.

Oils and Fats
Extra virgin olive oil, Udo's Choice Perfected Oil Blend, Udo's Choice DHA Oil Blend, raw unrefined flax oil and avocados

Fresh or dehydrated herbs, garlic, sweet onions, parsley, cayenne pepper and salt-free seasonings

Raw soups

Fruit smoothies, raw fruit pies with nut/date crusts, date-nut squares, etc.

All raw vegetables

The 15% Portion

The following cooked foods make up the 15% portion of The Hallelujah Diet, and follow the raw salad at the evening meal. This portion can be very delicious, and actually proves beneficial for those trying to maintain body weight.

Caffeine free herb teas and cereal-based coffee-like beverages, along with bottled organic juices

Non-dairy cheese, rice milk, and organic butter, all sparingly

Stewed and unsweetened frozen fruits

Whole-grain cereals, breads, muffins, pasta, brown rice, millet, etc

Lima, aduki, black, kidney, navy, pinto, red and white beans

Mayonnaise made from cold-pressed oils

Light Gray Celtic Sea Salt (use sparingly)

Soups made from scratch without fat, dairy, or table salt

Raw, unfiltered honey, rice syrup, unsulphured molasses, stevia, carob, pure maple syrup, date sugar (use very sparingly)

Steamed or wok-cooked fresh or frozen vegetables, baked white or sweet potatoes, squash, etc.

While this list may appear a bit limiting at first, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of exciting recipes that meet these criteria. See our recipe section and our selection of recipe books for additional ideas.

The foods listed below create most of the physical problems we experience, and are not a part of The Hallelujah Diet. To have real health, eliminate them from your diet as quickly as possible.

Foods to Be Avoided With Hallelujah Diet

Alcohol, coffee, tea, cocoa, carbonated beverages and soft drinks, all artificial fruit drinks, including sports drinks, and all commercial juices containing preservatives, salt, and sweeteners

All milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream, whipped toppings, and non-dairy creamers

Canned and sweetened fruits, along with non-organic dried fruits

Refined, bleached flour products, cold breakfast cereals, and white rice

Beef, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, sausage etc

Nuts & Seeds
All roasted and/or salted seeds and nuts. Peanuts are not a nut but a legume, and very difficult to digest.

All lard, margarine, shortenings, and anything containing hydrogenated oils

Table salt, black pepper, and any seasonings containing them

All canned, packaged, or creamed soups containing dairy products

All refined white or brown sugar, sugar syrups, chocolate, candy, gum, cookies, donuts, cakes, pies, or other products containing refined sugars or artificial sweeteners

All canned vegetables containing added sodium or preservatives, or vegetables fried in oil

Once you have stopped eating the foods that will harm your health and started eating the foods that will enhance your health, you may experience some symptoms of detoxification. If you do, take heart! This means you are getting rid of toxins that have been stored in your body!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year

In this new year, let's all find what's most beautiful in ourselves, our lives, our hearts, and pass it on. Let's believe at least one impossible thing every day -- then let's make it absolutely possible. Let's refuse the words no, can't, don't, give up. Let's spread the word that cancer can be defeated. Let's remember those we've lost and loved, and those still in the fight. And let's make a difference every day. When we stand up to cancer.

Let's ring in the New Year right, with resolutions to keep cancer away:

1.Stop Smoking Now - And if you don't smoke, NEVER START.
2.Eat right: Add anti cancer food to your diet like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. And cut back on red meat!
3.Manage your stress - relax, meditate, learn to let go, and EXERCISE.
4.Know your family history - and if you don't know, learn more, ask questions, pass on to others what you find out.
5.Get examined: Have a mammogram, a prostate exam, get a colonoscopy, have your skin examined. Because what you don't know can hurt you.
6. Encourage your friends to join an advocacy group(like this group) - no one should feel alone.
7. Stand up and be heard: Write to house of assembly to demand that they make cancer a national priority. Your voice matters more than you know.
8.Support the Stand by participating in our activities.
9.Launch a Star at The Constellation at STAND UP TO CANCER NAIJA discussion board in honor, or in memory, of someone you love.
10.For more things you can do, go to www.standuptocancernaija.c And because giving makes a body feel so good, call us to donate what you can.

This is where the end of cancer begins. When together we rise as one. When we stand up strong, stand up brave, stand up undeniable. When we Stand Up To Cancer Naija.